We are delighted to announce the Symposia:

  • New advances in monitoring the release and function of neuropeptides in the brain
  • In vitro and in vivo single neuron approaches to study neurodegeneration
  • Explorations of the molecular basis of psychiatric illnesses
  • Towards microdialysis 2.0 – a faster, smaller, smarter microdialysis for neurochemical monitoring
  • Exploring extracellular space on different spatial scales
  • Nitric oxide signaling from molecule to brain
  • Molecular monitoring and modulation during fear and anxiety
  • Pre-degenerative changes in dopaminergic system in Parkinson’s disease
  • Bad things happen: the role of phasic dopamine signaling in learning about, and responding to negative stimuli
  • Expanding the reach of voltammetry beyond dopamine
  • Neurobiology of nutrient selection
  • Location matters: anatomical and functional specialization of dopamine signals
  • Co-transmission in the nervous system: unlikely pairing of dopamine, GABA, glutamate, ACh
  • A reversal of fortune for peptides and endocannabinoids: from poor cousins to rich regulators of brain microcircuits
  • Gaining novel molecular insights into CNS disease processes with electrochemical sensors and biosensors
  • Special Symposium: The Marianne Fillenz legacy symposium

The call for abstracts for 1-2 additional selected Short Oral Communications within each Symposium is now live!