We are delighted to announce that Symposia speakers and topics have been selected and that topics will include:

  • Advances in monitoring neuropeptides and their function
  • Single neuron approaches to study neurodegeneration
  • Co-transmission in the CNS
  • Neurobiology of nutrient selection
  • Local specialization of dopamine signals
  • Faster, smarter microdialysis for neurochemical monitoring
  • Phasic dopamine signals and negative stimuli
  • Exploring the extracellular space
  • Dysfunction before degeneration in Parkinson’s disease
  • Voltammetry beyond dopamine detection
  • Microcircuit regulation by peptides and endocannabinoids
  • Molecular monitoring during fear and anxiety
  • Using electrochemical sensors and biosensors to gain insights into CNS disease processes
  • Molecular basis of psychiatric illness
  • Nitric oxide signalling
  • Special Symposium “Monitoring Molecules in Neuroscience: The legacy of Marianne Fillenz”

The call for abstracts for 1-2 additional selected Short Oral Communications within each Symposium is now live!